Behavior Modification

There are some behaviors that become annoying, frustrating to the point the pet owner wants to pull out their hair, while using a barrage of 4 letter words I can’t repeat.

Some of these frustrating behaviors include barking, jumping, nipping, mouthing, pulling, bolting out the door.

When the pet owner addresses these in a timely aggressive manner, it can be as simple as building a better bond with your dog and exhibiting leadership to deal with the behavior.

While others can be more complicated.

In many cases, a short phone consultation can be effective in assessing the behavior in question and typically can be addressed in 2-3, 1.5 hr training sessions based on the severity and duration the dog has been exhibiting the behavior.

This is not the time to be making excuses, or holding back or being shy about taking action! This is about safety for the pet owner and their family.

What is going to be best for the dog in helping to determine what the dog needs.

In much more complicated and severe cases, it is necessary and essential to do a deeper assessment, to try to understand the underlying reason for the behavior that is being exhibited.

This would include a history of the dog and the environments the dog has been exposed to, as well as the circumstances, and duration in these environments.

It is possible that sometimes there could be an underlying physical condition that could be contributing to the behavior.  A veterinarian would need to assess and make necessary medical recommendations. Additionally, we must consider if there is any connection between the breed and the genetics of that breed that might be affecting or contributing to the behavior. Upon compiling the data, the next step is to observe the dog in the environment to assess personality, temperament and emotional stability, taking all this into account to determine a course of action based on the data collected.

There is hope, but it must be acted on!


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