Socialization Groups

At the end of this 6 week experience:

1.)You will be able to identify and assess through canine body language what your dog is communicating to you.

2) you will learn how to loose leash walk as well as some basic commands (sit, down, stay, come, heel, place, drop it, touch)

3) You will also learn about the need and desire your dog has for exercise and canine enrichment and what best fits for you, your dog and your home- setting rules and boundaries, routine.

4) learn about how to assist your dog to relax and enjoy closeness with you and your family using body handling techniques.

5) socializing and healthy socialization practices.
How to introduce your dog to people, other dogs and novel objects.

6) Building confidence, trust, mutual respect.
Responding to reactivity or over stimulation correctly and effectively.

Session 1

  • Dallas white park, North Port.
  • Building relationship and bonding with your dog and loose leash walking.
  • Long leash exploring.
  • Relaxation protocol on “place”

Session 2

  • Redirecting based on reactivity and arousal level of the dogs.

Session 3

  • Basic obedience
  • Introduction to Weave poles and ramp

Session 4

  • Introducing your dog to people, other dogs, novel items.
  • Introducing dogs to Lowe’s/ HD in North port.

Session 5

  • Loose leash walking in strip mall- coco plum in North Port.

Session 6

  • Doing a walk through Lowes or HD working the aisles with loose leash walking. Occasionally stopping to do obedience, walking past other dogs, people, obstacles.
  • Using various skills, techniques, depending on the situation presented.

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