One-one custom training sessions

For many pet owners, and their dog customized or individualized, one on one training, works the best.

Every dog is different. Every pet owner is different and we always want to do what’s best for both.

The initial free phone consultation involves gathering information of the dog and about the dog from there, assessing, evaluating what the goals and objectives are for the dog.

What is the end result that the pet owner is trying to achieve?

Upon scheduling an appointment, canine body language video links are emailed to the client for their education prior to the first session.

First session is 90 minutes in length.

This is to assess the dog in its environment and put together a detailed, organized, systematic plan to develop the dog to achieve the goals set forth by the pet owner. 

Upon the completion of the first session, it can be determined whether more sessions would be needed based on those results.

These results take into consideration the stability of the dogs relationship to the pet owner. The dogs Emotional responses, as well as its socialization aptitude and ability to settle and relax.

A follow up email is sent out with a summary of what was discussed as well as related demonstrations with relevant handouts with detail and explanation, if that fits your learning style.

Follow up in 3-4 days to confirm and clarify things are going well and progress is being made if not adjustments can be made sooner than later.

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